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WELCOME TO FEDCRIMLAW.COM - the Internet's most comprehensive legal research center devoted exclusively to Federal Criminal Law.

This site had been rated by The New York Criminal Bar Association as one of the top-ten legal research sites in the United States; and the Editors of have selected our Web site as "one of the most valuable and reliable on the Internet . . . when reviewed for quality, accuracy of content, presentation and usability."

This site has been designed primarily to provide criminal defense attorneys with a single-stop, easy-to-use, and affordable source of the latest and most significant developments in America's fastest growing field of law - criminal law. However, this site can also be an invaluable guide to anyone interested in the field of criminal justice.

Our site features the Internet's largest data-base of recent, significant Federal cases (it currently includes the full text of more than 12,000 recent, significant cases dealing with Federal criminal law); our own plain-English search engine; a much acclaimed weekly newsletter that describes and explains the most significant new court decisions published each week; a separate sister site devoted exclusively to the Federal Sentencing Guidelines; and many, many special features that are updated weekly.

For example, our new Booker II Resource Center is designed to keep you abreast with the
the most significant new developments relating to sentencing in the Federal courts following the Supreme Court's latest decisions in Gall v. U.S., No. 06-7949 (Dec. 10, 2007) and Kimbrough v. U.S., No. 06-6330 (Dec. 10, 2007). That special resource center contains the most current and comprehensive listing of resources relating to the Federal Sentencing Guidelines that exists on the Internet. It includes an up-to-date listing on a Circuit-by-Circuit basis of the most significant new sentencing decisions from the district courts and the appellate courts for each Circuit. Our Booker II resource center can be accessed at:

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