What is fedcrimlaw.com?

Quite simply, fedcrimlaw.com (together with its sister site at www.ussguide.com) is the largest, the most current, and the most comprehensive legal research site on the Internet devoted exclusively to Federal criminal law.  To lawyers and defendants all across the country who subscribe to the Member's Section, it has become the indispensable place for quick, economical and exhaustive research in the field of Federal criminal law. 

This site has been rated by The New York Criminal Bar Association as one of the top ten legal research sites in America; and the Editors of Britannica.com have selected our Web site as "one of the most valuable and reliable on the Internet . . . when reviewed for quality, accuracy of content, presentation and usability."

Why subscribe to fedcrimlaw.com?

If you want the truth about the Federal criminal justice system or if you want to stay abreast of the latest and most meaningful trends and developments in the Government's ever-growing wars against crime and drugs, then a subscription to the Members section of fedcrimlaw.com is essential. 

Our Web site  ushers in a new era of economical and easy-to-use legal research on the Internet: it cuts through the legal gobbledygook and provides both criminal defendants and the busy criminal defense attorneys with a candid and incisive analysis of the issues that really count - the issues that can make the difference between winning and losing.

What is included in a subscription to fedcrimlaw.com?

Because the resources included on this site are updated and supplemented on a daily basis, it is impossible to list everything that is included in a subscription to the members section of  fedcrimlaw.com/.    However, among the highlights are:

What does a subscription to fedcrimlaw.com cost?

We offer two different subscription options for full and unlimited access to the Member's sections of both fedcrimlaw.com and www.ussguide.com/

Compare these prices to what companies like Lexis" or Westlaw" charge - and you will see that for what they charge for a single month, you can become a subscriber to fedcrimlaw.com for an entire year!

If you would like to subscribe now to our twin sites at fedcrimlaw.com and www.ussguide.com, please click here.

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